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Strange Region is a publisher of writing by artists, novelists and poets.

We endeavour to use publishing as a collaborative tool to celebrate writing as performance, as architecture, as a mechanical component of creative practice and as a space to enjoy the perilous corners of the human experience.

We were established in 2022 and are based in Bristol, UK.


"An imploration for clear weather" Midē Songs + Picture songs. Technicians of the Sacred ed. Jerome Rothenburg


written by Joe Summers + Joe Vaughan

in collaboration with SVS Collisions, Munich

edition of 200

116 x 177mm, 28pp

four pounds

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Colliding with Great Speed from Great Distance, Often Missing is a pamphlet created during the development of The Angel’s Share (a mixed media performance piece by Joe Summers & Joe Vaughan) as part of the SVS collective’s Collisions festival and exhibition. Part of the text was written in response to a period of personal and creative dissonance between the two artists and includes WhatsApp messages sent and received between them in the weeks preceding the SVS residency in Canfranc, at which only one of them was able attend. Some of the experimental texts explore the idea of meaning being derived from the presentation of two unrelated expressions and the similarities we automatically infer through our innate desire for meaning. Sentences overlap, collide and forge new phrases by virtue of their collisions. From this plurality one may gain something close to a singular, personal understanding.

Collisions exhibition + festival [a] Muffatwerk, Munich

July 2022

link to website


written by Joe Vaughan + Joe Summers

cover design by Alex Harwood

edition of 100 risograph

116 x 177mm, 60pp

isbn 9781739784003

ten pounds

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Three Hundred Thousand Souls is written documentation of a sound art performance created by Joe Summers and Joe Vaughan. Drawing inspiration from Aztec poetry, the philosophy of acoustic community and the history of Slovenian dissent, the artists performed on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia. They broadcast their noise via a handmade radio transmitter to an audience watching through binoculars from the castle that stands many hundreds of metres above the city. 


This book is an extension of the ideas, structures and geographies that inspired the work, as well as an act of poetic remembrance for the process of its creation and the friends, allies and guides who nurtured it into existence. Just as a radio may facilitate the migration of song across distance, so too does the written work allow art to travel across time.



live pirate radio performance, Llubljana 2019

[a] Cirkulajica2

link to recordings on First Terrace Records website

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